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The Muses Temple

Leave the stress of your daily life behind and immerse yourself in the fountain of youth for body and soul. Zest for life is contagious. Everything that you do for yourself will also benefit others: Tensions are released, prejudices disappear – this is how you learn to enjoy life again. Let yourself be pampered in the spacious swimming pool (29 degrees) with massage jets, a bubble plate and a counter-current system. Step trainers, multi-trainers and ergometers await you in the fitness room. Großräumige finnische Blockhaussauna, Biosauna, Caldarium (Blütendampfbad) und Laconium bringen Sie bei unterschiedlichen Temperaturen zum gesunden Schwitzen. A spacious Finnish blockhouse sauna, bio sauna, caldarium (flower steam bath) and laconium allow you to relax in many different temperatures. Furthermore, our Spa area boasts a Kneipp footbath and an adventure shower – and finally enjoy total relaxation in the tepidarium or on the lawn.

Pampering massages

Come by, we will be happy to advise you!

Classical massage I

Partial treatment 30 min,
Treatment area according to agreement & findings
€ 45,00

Classical massage II

Intensive treatment 60 min.
Treatment area
by arrangement & findings
€ 85,00

Physiotherapy treatment

Classic massage 60 min, stretching techniques, Muscle strengthening 30 min. Treatment area according to findings
€ 85,00

Acupuncture massage according to Radloff

Ear zone findings,
energetic balance,
energetic-static treatment 60 min.
€ 85,00

Lymphatic drainage I

Partial treatment 30 min.
Treatment area after edema
or individually oriented
€ 45,00

Lymphatic drainage II

Whole treatment 60 min.
Treatment area after edema
or individually oriented
€ 85,00

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Pampering cosmetics

Come by, we will be happy to advise you!

Beauty regeneration

Care for mature skin: cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, eyebrow correction, massage, mask, serum and final care (duration 100 minutes)
€ 99,00

Beauty Classic

Care for impure skin: cleansing, eyebrow correction, massage, mask
and final care (duration 90 minutes)
€ 89,00

Beauty Relax

Massage, mask and final care (duration 40 minutes)
€ 45,00

Manicure Deluxe

Duration 45 minutes
€ 45,00

Eyelashes and eyebrow tinting

Duration 30 minutes
€ 45,00

Facial hair removal

only in combination with a cosmetic treatment
starting from € 12,00

Méthode Mosaique Modelante

The ultra-personalized treatment icon with spectacular lifting effect. For visibly radiant, healthy skin full of energy and the ultimate feeling of well-being

  • Signature anti-aging treatment
  • 100% manual modeling techniques
  • Firms, smoothes and gives new energy
  • Self-heating toner mask combined with MÉTHODE MOSAÏQUE MODELANTE for individual facial treatment – zone by zone.

Duration 90 minutes

€ 130,00

Natur Freunde