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Hiking with a view at the Black Ridge Adventure Trail. Holiday in Germany

Nestled within nature's serene expanse, the Berghotel Jägerhof in Isny in Allgäu presents a unique offering to its guests – an immersion in a variety of outdoor experiences, carefully tailored to different fitness levels. Among these popular hiking adventures, the Black Ridge Adventure Trail stands out as a favorite, capturing the hearts of those who visit. The trail commences a short 15-minute drive away from the hotel's parking area, granting our guests the privilege to engage with the captivating beauty of the German Allgäu Alps, while also becoming acquainted with the region's distinctive architecture and traditional towns.

Holiday german alps.

Gracefully following these carefully designed pathways, you'll walk through lush forests that lead you to the top of the pre-alpine Adellegg ridge – a tall observation tower that stands at an impressive 28 meters. Adellegg, a large area of densely wooded mountains in Isny, is part of the northern foothills of the beautiful Allgäu Alps. Besides being a special natural area, Adellegg has a rich cultural history shaped by many years of human activity. While you explore the interesting Black Ridge Adventure Trail, you'll come across things like nail walls, pretty viewpoints, cozy picnic spots, and other enjoyable places that make your visit even better and more exciting

Enriching your exploration are 13 informational stations covering topics like natural history, forestry, alpine farming, tourism, birds, and nature conservation. Play and action zones highlight the extraordinary landscapes and history of Adelegg, while strategically placed benches offer resting points along the way. The grand reward for trail conquerors awaits at the observation tower.

The observation tower itself is a must-visit spectacle, offering unparalleled views of Lake Constance, the Nagelfluh rock formations, and the majestic Alpine chain. But the excitement isn't confined to the summit; the entire trail promises an unforgettable experience. Here, an array of activities awaits visitors of all ages. For the young ones, a playground equipped with hammocks, a seesaw, and a nest swing beckons. For the more daring youth, scaling the tower and testing their strength becomes a thrilling challenge.

Inside the tower, you'll discover refreshment establishments offering snacks and beverages (available May to October, on Sundays and holidays in fair weather). However, if you wish to bring your own provisions, a barbecue area awaits – don't forget to pack your favorite sausages! Picnic tables and benches provide the perfect setting for a leisurely meal in this serene environment

Isny in Allgäu German holiday Autobahn Driving

There are two recommended routes to choose from, covering distances of 11 kilometers and 6.8 kilometers respectively. For the longer 11-kilometer route, the suggested starting point is the former glassmaking village of Kreuzthal-Eisenbach. The journey to the Black Ridge Adventure Trail from here takes around an hour. Once you arrive, you'll find multiple paths branching out towards the highest point at 1,118 meters, providing you with the flexibility to tailor your route based on your available time and preferences.

What's more, we've taken your experience a step further by creating an interactive map. This map not only lets you choose and customize your own path, selecting the points you'd like to visit along the way, but also allows you to switch between hiking and bike touring options. This means that every guest at the hotel, regardless of their preferred mode of exploration, can easily customize the map to suit their interests and capabilities. So, whether you decide on the shorter 6.8-kilometer path, which takes about 2.5 hours to complete, or the more extensive 10.8-kilometer journey, which requires approximately 4 hours, our interactive map ensures you have a seamless and personalized adventure.

As the day winds down, you'll head back to our hotel – a cozy place to unwind and relax. It's a comforting retreat where relaxation takes center stage. Our wellness amenities, including a heated swimming pool and tranquil saunas, will provide the perfect way to end your adventure-filled day in the heart of the German Alps.

When it's time to satisfy your appetite, our restaurant is ready to welcome you to a holiday experience that beautifully embodies the rich tradition of South Germany. Depending on the day of the week, you'll be served either a thematic buffet or a delectable four-course menu, both thoughtfully crafted to showcase the finest flavors and culinary heritage of the region. Either way, your taste buds are in for a treat that highlights the best of the area's time-honored gastronomy, making your holiday in Germany truly special.

Berghotel Jägerhof is committed to ensuring that your holiday experience is complete. From the captivating trails to the comforting haven of our hotel, and the mouthwatering dishes at our restaurant, we're here to give you a well-rounded and memorable journey that embraces the German Alps tradition. Your time with us, as you drive along the Autobahn of this unique experience, is bound to create lasting memories that you'll always treasure.



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