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A Glimpse into the Ages: Baden-Württemberg State Museum's Chronicles Constance lake

Holidays in Germany

Setting off on a trip that takes just 2 hours form the Berghotel Jägerhof, this adventure is tailor-made for those who relish the thrill of cruising the renowned German highways, also known as the Autobahn. A visit to both the museum and the charming city of Constance offers an ideal match for travelers with such inclinations. Following a satisfying drive on these highways, the next chapter of your exploration involves a picturesque ferry ride across the enchanting Bodensee, guiding you toward the vibrant city of Constance. The Archaeological State Museum Baden-Württemberg holds a wide collection of historical treasures, spanning from the 6th millennium BC to the 19th century. Its exhibits cover various time periods, including the Stone Age, Celtic burial practices, the Roman era, and the Middle Ages.

Holidays in Germany, Bodensee Constance lake

The Gladiators exhibition is a must-see, captivating a wide audience. Within this engaging display, the spotlight is on Roman city life, showcasing artifacts set on tiers that evoke the ambiance of ancient theaters. As visitors explore, they'll be captivated by the intricacy of items unearthed from Celtic and Alemannic graves. Additionally, the exhibit offers a chance to marvel at the sheer awe-inspiring presence of a more than 3,500-year-old menhir from Baden-Württemberg.

Experience another dimension of the museum's allure with the captivating prehistoric pile dwellings. These unique dwellings have earned UNESCO World Heritage status since June 2011, taking a prominent place in the ALM's permanent exhibitions. Immerse yourself in a riveting journey through 4000 years of pile-building history spanning Lake Constance and Upper Swabia across an expansive 300 square meters. These exhibits unlock fascinating insights into the lives, abilities, skills, and techniques of the region's ancient inhabitants. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to delve into history and marvel at the ingenuity of the past.

The museum is also home to the oldest ship from Lake Constance, over 600 years old. This vessel once transported a substantial amount of cargo and numerous passengers across the lake. Spanning more than 18 meters in length, the ship can carry around 20 tons. This captivating exhibit complements the experience, offering a tangible connection to the past.

In addition to its rich exhibits, the museum fosters a vibrant community spirit through its various events. Festivals are a highlight, occurring three times a year: the opening day celebration in spring, a lively summer festival, and the enchanting Christmas markets. Beyond these festivals, the museum buzzes with a diverse array of smaller events, including lectures, excursions, engaging holiday programs, and soul-stirring concerts. These offerings ensure that the museum remains a dynamic hub of exploration and enjoyment for all.

If you're spending your holidays in the Allgäu region, this day trip promises not only a change of scenery but also a wonderful opportunity to experience the finest that South Germany has to offer – the splendid Alps and mountains, combined with the breathtaking beauty of the Bodensee. Whether you're our guest with our long weekend offer or the 7-day special, we cater to everyone's preferences, ensuring a remarkable experience for all.

After a fulfilling day of exploration during your holidays in Germany, make the most of your time at Berghotel Jägerhof. Indulge in relaxation with a drink at our bar or on our terrace. Whether you're sipping on local beers, cocktails, or wines, our inviting spaces are perfect for a laid-back evening of relaxation. And as the day turns into night, you can immerse yourself in the warm embrace of genuine German tradition, subtly woven into the architecture, design, and ambiance of our lobby, bedrooms, restaurant. It's the perfect way to cap off your memorable experience with us.



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